MAC Book Pro or Microsoft Surface Book?

Hello Everyone,

Im a new student enrolling on an Open University Graphic Design course. Im torn as to what laptop to buy out of MAC Book Pro or Microsoft Surface Book? What are your thoughts?


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For me – and this is personal choice, as loads of people will tell you windows is just as good a platform – it has to be Mac every time. I just find that the machine rarely gets in the way of what I want to do with it, whereas, widows seems to be constantly throwing up divots and simple tasks are just that little bit more long-winded. That may be more to do with my lack of knowledge of the platform, that an inherent flaw. However, I do know my wife used windows for years and was reluctant to switch at first. Now, she’d never go back. Then again, a few years ago, PCs were very much the business tool and you had to shoe-horn graphics applications into them and macs, visa-versa. These days, the lines are blurred.

The one other thing, which for me is hugely important, is that macs seem to render type slightly better.

You could ask your uni what they recommend for the course and see if they have a preference.