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This is great. Marmite is celebrating the Queen’s upcoming Diamond Jubilee with the launch of a limited edition jar of the famous treat – Ma’amite.

Featuring a Union Jack anchored by the familiar Marmite logo the one off venture coincides with the brands 110th anniversary.

Brilliant piece of design, I'll be buying my jar!

Nice. Heinz have done something too. I think I'm going to have to buy all of all of this new designed packaging.

In real terms Heinz hasn't developed much over the many years. Yes refined, updated a bit but not a radical overhaul. Says quite a lot I think.
marmite its vile ! drinking oil would taste better

but as it says you either love it or HATE it!

have u tried vegimite? thats even worse!
Haha must admit this thread made me laugh. Paul I am slightly worried you know how arse tastes........just saying :icon_smile: lol