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This short showcases an unannounced game environment and what we can do as immersive filmmakers. Some of the environment pieces I modeled and textured, and some I did photogrammetry by using "Sony A7r ii". and the rest of the foliage and cliffs from Megascans Library.

The only post I have done in this piece was the editing in Davinci resolve and the sound design, the rest of everything was done in UE5. “Luminescent” was created in a week using an “iPhone” and “Oculus Rift” as Virtual Cameras to capture natural movement. In the past two years, ROTU made digital tools in UE5, turning iteration time from weeks to days.

The environments in “Luminescent” are from a private catalog of photorealistic digital movie sets & game-ready digital worlds. Future UE5 shorts will showcase ancient cities, alien planets, spaceships, battlefields, and more.