Loyalty reward scheme concept up for critique

Hi Guys,

Initial logotype up for critique for a loyalty reward scheme hoping that a few like minded creative's will see the potential in my design before progressing any further.

My concept aims to show the added extra that will become available to subscribers, how they can expect an advanced level of service and how by taking up this offer will be a bonus/advantage to them.

The plus sign (+) is a binary operator that indicates addition, also used to emphasise the positiveness of a number, word or symbol. A positive icon that shows a value above that which is expected, where you can expect more, to gain an advantage, that plus factor.

Again this in the early stages of development and any critique appreciated,


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I understand your reasonings and I think they are very good, but that plus sign is not clear enough for such an important factor in the design. Not everyone looks at negative space the way we are trained to.
Even when looking at the negative space, I still don't see the +, instead I see little four squares, or I read it as "LIVE:"

I get the concept but currently it's just not clear enough.
Thanks for the initial feedback guys, good to hear your take on it. The marketing department where i currently work i am the only creative - it is hard to bounce ideas off people.

Back to the drawing board i think for further development - Really want to pursue this concept, but without blatantly converting a letter into the plus symbol.
I didnt notice that it was plus symbol when i first glanced, was trying to figure out what it was which obviously is a big deal when people are looking at your brand.
if it the font isn't a final choice, why not look at the different angles and edges given by other fonts, you might find something more suitable to incorporating your + symbol.
I like the concept but the + isn't clear at a glance, it seemed more like it was trying to be LIVE: with the E forming being broken into the colon. I also don't like the font used.