Lost font. Help needed.


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I have just had to replace my hard drive and am still in the middle of the chaos this entails. I use my PC mainly for updating my website, but now find that one of my most frequently-used fonts has gone astray. The font in question is ST Copperplate. I have searched the web, but cannot locate an ST version of the Copperplate font.
Can anyone assist, please? I can't recall where I obtained my original download.
By the way, what does the prefix ST denote?
As some font familys have many different versions I believe ST in front of a font name stands for "Standard". You may find that some fonts contain the abbreviations LT, MT or EF in the name. These abbreviations represent the name of the foundry and should not be confused with the font weight. For example LT stands for Linotype, MT stands for Monotype, and EF stands for Elsner + Flake.
So if I'm correct with the "ST" assumption, then you were just using the basic version of Copperplate which can be purchased from quite a few places such this site: Copperplate font family « MyFonts
Hope that's of some help :)