losing quality in pdf


Basically the gist is, my client is making a pdf pack to send out to his customers.

I created a logo which looks great when viewed at 100%, but loses it's quality at anything under that. - I know why it happens and have explained why - (ideally he wants it to look it's best at 75%). Is there anything we can do to make it look good at both 100% and 75%?

Any help greatly appreciated
Does it defeat the object of what you're tying to do, if you made your logo 133.33%, so that it displays at 100% when viewed at 75%?

The only other thing I could suggest is to make the strokes lighter, or harsher depending on what way it goes when you squeeze it down. But then you're altering the artwork. Flattening certain artworks sometimes stops the weird line illusions, but clients are gits.
Wouldn't it depend on the compression settings in the PDF? Also maybe constructing the artwork set at the respective sizes they will be used.

Depending on what software your using, changing the settings in the PDF set-up menu can help quite a lot. It may add to the file size but if that's what he wants, that's the price he has to pay! (I love Fireworks for crunching down file's, it has lots of tools for controlling quality)
It probably won't have anything to do with the compression. its more likely just the way PDFs display some vector shapes at anything below 100%, like the issue you can get with stroked text and the letter 'l' and 'i'.

Sorry i can't offer any resolutions.
Yeah I realize the rendering can act very odd when converted to a PDF. In my experience they all printed fine, never had an issue. If the client is sending a 'pdf pack' - which might not be printed - it could look odd. I had a problem with a clients PDF and the compression was how it was resolved. Sorry I should have explained the story more fully. Looking back it might have been a slightly different issue compared to this one. Just thought I'd share any inspiration I had on the subject. As Pixels Ink describes if it is related to vector graphics maybe opt for a pixel based file of the logo? what ever happens I hope you get it resolved.
Think I have gotten to the bottom of it... looks like it's the program being used to create the pdf :icon_cursing:
What programme was the logo created in and how are you creating the pdfs?

Pdfs have compression/resolution options when you send a file to print. Most of the printers that I work with, work to the PDF/X-1a:2001 setting - it does nothing for the size, but has everything to do with the quality.
It's the program he was using, but doesn't matter now........problem has been solved!

Thanks everyone for the replies! Case closed!:icon_biggrin:
Although problem is solved but tip for future if someone faces this again.. PNG format (transparent) don't distort if used in PPT or to make PDFs no matter what percentage of view is.