Looking for some feedback

Hi group, looking for some feedback. I work at theprintspace. We have just launched a free file transfer tool that has no limits on the size of transfer you can make, and also lets you chat with people you share with. Its called version.new You and the recipients get a link to the project, with on screen previews of all files (we preview all image formats including raw files). You can give permissions to people to download the files, or you can chat live and comment and there’s a pen tool to mark up images. It’s free to use, carbon neutral and no one needs an account, not you or the people you send to. And we track file versions so you can compare new with older file versions in a project. Hence the name.I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Take a look at https://version.new/
Stay safe everyone


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In all honesty I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole....
No t&c's, no privacy policy, no information on data retention by the company, website/company name doesn't match/associate with the domain etc....

Honestly if you're sending a lot of files you're better off setting up your website to have a client area which you control yourself and/or having an inhouse ftp server (essentially all it takes is a small nas or a program on your computer).


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On my phone all I see is a tap to upload button.

I have no idea who you are, what happens if I tap or even the purpose of the site.

And I really don’t trust that URL. New what?

The T&C and privacy policy are for a different website.