Looking for part time work/apprenticeship

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Hi, I am a busy student and so I feel that designing as an independent freelancer doesn't suit me very well. Although I am very interested in doing some part-time work for other designers looking to out source when they need relief from their workload. Due to only just starting I don't have a portfolio of work but I would be happy to design sample pieces if required. I enjoy graphics design and act professionally and responsibly and would enjoy working in partnership with a fellow graphics designer.
I am completely open for discussion about payment terms.
Hope to hear from you!
You will find it almost impossible to get any outsource work without a portfolio of work. If you don't have a website, then behance or even a facebook page would be a good start
I agree with bigdave. If, on the other hand, you haven't a portfolio because you've not completed any displayable work, then I'd suggest making mock projects for yourself.

I did this when I started out, because I knew it would be difficult to find someone willing to take the chances of hiring an inexperienced designer. What you can do is basically conjure up a project out of thin air. For example, design a website for a charity company, or rebrand a record label, etc. The beauty of it is it can be anything you want, and it really does boost your portfolio content.
If you struggle to think of really good briefs to set yourself, give us a shout. I'm sure as a forum we can give you a few old job specs to run at.