Looking For New Laptop That Will Handle My Workload


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Hey all

I did mention this in my introduction but I thought it worth commenting here as well to see if any of you can help me.

Basically I work from home as a designer for an events company, I also design covers for the odd magazine and other bits and bobs here and there as a freelancer. Further to this I also sell my artwork at cons and online. At home I have a decent desktop which I put together (but didn't build) myself but as I need to be in Manchester (about an hour from home) in my head office every so often I need a decent laptop that I can take with me, it helps with all the traveling I do for conventions as well as it means I can design new artwork for my own shop while on the move or away from home, etc.

SO! My old laptop (an HP something or other) which served me well for about 5 years died and in it's place I was gifted a refurbished Dell, which is also fine if I just want to watch movies and play Age of Empires (the first one) and do regular office stuff. It won't handle Adobe CS5 or PSD CC19 either so I am forced to look for a gaming laptop so that the hard drive is larger, the RAM is better and the graphics card is far superior to those usually integrated in regular laptops. I have looked around online for one but can't seem to find anything to match my needs. I don't have a huge amount to spend either, somewhere between £500 and £700 is about right, unfortunately, I am not in the market for a £1500 laptop at the moment but can upgrade RAM, etc in the future if needs be so a laptop with the ability to do that would also be beneficial.

I found this one online in a sale which seems to suit my needs but I was hoping for some feedback on it before I took the plunge! https://www.box.co.uk/Medion-Erazer-P6605_2496888.html

What do you think? Design dream or dud?

Thanks in advance!!!