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Hi James - Will help everyone if you can indicate a budget. Also any more detailed information you have concerning your logo requirement.
Quote for Logo design for James

Can anyone help me with a logo design? a reasonable quote would be appreciated.


Hi James,

I am a freelance Graphic Designer and have designed many logos for small and medium sized companies. If you wish to view some of my work you can find examples on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DianaFrostGraphics

I have a three tiered pricing system for logo design, depending on how developed the clients initial ideas are, and how much brainstorming will be involved. Please find below prices and descriptions of what you get with each option. If you would like any more information or would like to proceed with any of the options I would be very happy to work with you. You could either email me your brief or we can arrange to discuss in more detail over the phone.

Option A [PRICE REMOVED] (1 idea, 3 style variations)

If you have a clear idea of what you would like the logo to picture, E.g. a chair, tree, etc (relevant to your business!) then I can do 3 examples based on this one idea, in different styles.
You can then pick one logo and I can work with you to tweak it until you are happy with the finished result. 

Option B [PRICE REMOVED] (2-3 ideas with style variations)

With this option I will explore different ideas of what the logo could picture and then design some logos in various styles to present to you. You can then pick one and I can work with you to tweak it until you are happy with the finished result. 

Option C [PRICE REMOVED] (3-4 ideas with style variations)
This will include an initial brainstorm and mood board (to get a feel for the kind of style you are looking for). Then I will present a selection of different ideas in several styles (usually about 6-7 logos) Of these, one or 2 can be developed further and then a final one will be chosen and worked up into high resolution artwork.

For all options I will supply the logo in high resolution artwork in JPEG and PDF format in both colour and black and white.

I hope this all makes sense but please do feel free to come back to me if you have any more questions.

Many thanks
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Yes sorry, my mistake, I'm new to the forum and kind of thought I was sending a message with a quote, not posting on the forum - oops!
Can anyone help me with a logo design? a reasonable quote would be appreciated.


Lemon 'N' Lime is a contemporary design company bringing to you the best quality and services, revolutionary ideas across all digital media. Headquartered in Lancashire we have a dedicated team of experienced and dynamic digital experts from India, US, Middle East and the UK.

Our team of creative designers, developers and project managers help chart an effective digital marketing strategy customized to individual clients;We believe in taking our customers all the way through their digital journey, from day one to the moment they go live. Our achievements are our customer's happiness.

if you can contact my partner on the number below she would be more then happy to help:

Tayyibah|Marketing & Development

Call: 0782 1871527
Email: [email protected]
Visit: Lemon 'N' Lime, Branding, Website creation, Newspaper Creative Ad production, Digital Imaging, 3D services and Packaging services.

L N'L Designz, Vali House, Boyle Street, Whalley Range Business Park,
Blackburn, Lancs, BB1 6DG
Hi James.

Please have a look at my website, or look at my instagram page @drymediadesign. I will give you a quote. Pm me.
Hi jamesdavidknight,
First of all, please explain more about what type of logo design you want for your business, is it related to what type of businesses?
By the way there are many designing websites which are really helpful for getting a custom made logos but as per my knowledge [Link/Name Deleted as we do not support sites that devalue our work and skills - Levi a Moderator] is one of the fastest growing crowd-sourcing website that offers logos at affordable prices.
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