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Hi all,

I represent a new project, started in April of this year by a Herfordshire-based design partnership. The project is called Off the Barrow and is an online creative gift & product marketplace, driven by those that manage the project and the community behind it.

As part of our development of the project, we're looking to add a regular illustration feature to our blog that ties in with the rest of the site. Here's how it will work:

Each month, we will partner with an independent business to decide on an illustration brief: this could be a very specific brief or a single word which you'll have the freedom to run with however you choose. The only restriction will be that your response to this monthly brief has to fit onto a 6 x 8" canvas and must be supplied to us digitally as a print-ready CMYK file.

The illustration will then go on sale on the OTB shop as a framed giclée print, accompanied by coverage of the feature through the blog and our other marketing channels.

At the end of that month, the print will be moved to an archive and will no longer be available for sale; it will then be replaced with the next month's creation. Part of the agreement will be that each illustration/design will not be used elsewhere again. The idea being that these limited edition print runs will be determined by how many people purchase them during that time period; one month could see the piece being a run of 100 and the next month it could be that a customer ends up purchasing a one-off!

We're undecided in terms of style (hence the open call) - it might be that we're looking for a distinctive style to give the feature a more defined identity, or we might settle on a more flexible level of creative output to give it some variety; all are welcome for now.

Financially, we would cover our costs per sale, then 100% of the remaining revenue (the profit) for that month's piece will go to you, the creator. We would also like to suggest now that it could be nice to commit some of the profits to a charity of your choice as part of the feature, but we will leave that to the selected candidate. As the rest of the site develops we anticipate our production & distribution costs will also come down, which in turn will affect this feature and increase the margin for each sale.

We won't dance around the fact that your monthly fee for each illustration will be determined solely by sales of the print, and we're very wary of making hollow promises of earning bucketloads of money per job; but we'd like to think this feature will be an elevated form of what many illustrators do already, produce & sell prints of their work. We plan for it to be a long-term success & have ideas on how to develop it down the line as the OTB project grows.

If it's something that would be of interest, please pop us an email (with a few work examples or folio links) and we'll be making a decision towards the end of the month (July 2013)

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