Looking for a Vector design program than does 3D & 2D that is preferably free


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I have been trying out Gravit now for a few weeks but (as I have been finding out) like most programs it has its limitations. One thing that I would like to do in my design work is 3D. so I would like to see if there is a program out there that is a Vector program with it the ability to do 3D work. I would also like a relatively easy and straightforward learning curve.


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Did you follow the rainbow and find the pot of gold?
This has got to be a bot trying to get us to look at gravit etc or someone taking the mickey.... seriously....

They've supposedly been using gravit for a few weeks yet they have a post from 2018 where they say they've been using gravit...
They keep asking for simple or free software because they can't do anything and now they're asking for something that can do 3D too....

If @gcfarri doesn't do a proper reply to this thread I'm most likely going to delete all the posts, they're not taking any notice of our replies in their other threads anyway and no one on here is going to use the 'template' software they keep mentioning.