Looking for a part time graphic designer in the Bristol area

Oscar Crowbar

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I am currently looking for a part time graphic designer in the South Glos area to work from home. Rates to be discussed and must have own MAC with software.

Please drop me a mail if you have previous experience in graphic design and preparing files ready for print. Not interested in web site design.


Hello Oscar,

I am a freelance Graphic designer currently living in Bristol and looking for work.

I have plenty of experience with both web and print and can work from home where I have all the latest hardware and up to date software.

I'm also available for an immediate start and will work for very reasonable rates - either on an hourly rate or job by job basis, whatever suits you best.

What type of work is it you are seeking? Perhaps you could forward me an email address so I can send over a portfolio for you to have a look at?

Look forward to hearing from you,

Kind Regards,

Hey, I dunno if this will help you guys as reading this I know you want your work around your area. However there is a website : freelancers.net which may interest you. You can bid on and pick the projects or jobs you want. So maybe if you only want the jobs in your area you could only bid on the ones you want...

Hope this might help you

All the best

Sarah xx

I'm actually about an hour away, but definitely qualified to do that kind of thing. And since you're looking for someone to work form home, I would guess location isn't quite so important - I"m happy to travel down for meetings etc.

Have a look at the website, and if you like the work, drop me a line.