Looking for a junior designer - Edinburgh


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Hey everyone

I recently started work (part-time) at a design agency in Edinburgh. There is a strong possibility that we will be recruiting a junior designer in the imminent future. When I say "junior" age isn't really an issue but they are more looking at somebody fairly new to their career to learn and grown with the company.

If anybody is interested feel free to drop me a PM. Unfortunately this is not a possibility for remote working.

Ask if there would be a possibility of a person working remotely, especially one in Blackpool. I'll supply rock on a daily basis!
Ha! I'll ask but I don't think they'd go for it to be totally honest, I'll ask for you though :icon_thumbup:

Ha, cheers mate. Even if not for that role, I do lots of freelance work for various agencies around Lancashire if you guys ever need any :icon_cheers: