Looking For A Graphic Design Partner


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Hi everyone

I have two companies in the textile business which I have worked in for the last 30+ years, previous to starting my own business twenty years ago I worked for Touker Suleyman for ten years who is on Dragons Den and gave me my entrepreneurial spirt.

In the last few years, we started to change our business from a traditional textile business to more online. I have seen the downturn of retail coming for some time and decided that changes were needed. We have our own digital print company based offshore where we print allover designs for brands and big store groups.

We have now started a new online business that will sell graphic printed t-shirts, we have the production and the organization, however, we are based offshore in Turkey and the graphic designers we have used on a freelance basis just don't cut it.
So we have decided to offer a partnership to any graphic designer who wants to come on board and work with us, basically, they will create the designs, we will do the production and we will split the profit. They will have a login and can see the sales data and the payments so its all above board. Both of our companies are UK registered and operated and we are not a scam, please let me make that clear.

If anyone is interested they can call, what's app or email for the specifics of what we are offering. I am not looking for multiple amounts of designers, just looking for people who know the trends and can provide what they believe to be fashionable designs on a weekly basis.

My name is Daniel, contact me via PM