Logos made for a friend rate 1/10


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I've made 3 different designs for a friend who doing mobile mechanic, let me know if to change anything and which one you will choose for a logo and rate it 1/10



They all have elements I like, it's hard to rate. Can I make a suggestion?

I like the hand around the spanner in the third one, have you tried putting it in a circle? Either a solid circle or an outline, and just use that as the main logo. The other part with the extra icons could sit separately, for instance to the right or under the logo on letter headers and web pages but always look the same. I would also be tempted to put the spanner icon part of the logo to the left of the type and make the type bigger and slightly bolder, at the moment it looks quite light. I like the coloured icons in the first one, if each service had a colour that could be carried right the way through the visual identity.

Hope that helps a bit, but that's just what I'd do, in my opinion you're almost there after probably a couple of tweaks :)
They're all a little bit boring I think. If they're going to choose a name like that, I would go the humorous route (presuming they realise the slang connotations of the word?) and have some kind of wacky cartoon guy or spanner with eyes etc.
I would suggest that there's a bit too much going on in all of them. A logo should be clean and simple. 2 and 3 for example seem to have had a bit of everything thrown at them.