Logos - how long do they take you?


How long do logos take you?

I'm going through a lengthy logo process at the mo (its way over time but I want to nail it for my portfolio) and I was just wondering how long do logos usually take you guys?

I know they can vary depending on the concept but I read in a branding book that a design firm took 3 weeks just on sketches!! Which sounds like a dream job to me!!
Ditto as Minuteman, have one occasion where the presented visual was signed off there and then - still tweaked it a bit afterwards though.
Minutes or Months!

I like to break everything in the brief down to its lowest denominator and build it back up.
really get inside the company and what they want to achieve. and where they came from.

Then look at whats current and relevant to the business in the market place but remember that all logos should have longevity. I like to think that if i design a logo, in 10 years time a another Graphic Designer can come along make subtle changes and make it equally relevant to that period of time.

Great example, look at the Shell logo, and how that has changed over the decades.
As the others have said it can be relatively straight forward and only take say a day or two or it can be very involved and take weeks, even months!