Logo Thoughts

Hi Folks,
I am really a novice at graphic design and looking for some friendly guidance, I'm trying to design a logo for a computer consultancy company, I've come up with this : http://1drv.ms/1hiXyzA I like the inital idea but there is just something missing anyone have any thoughts or ideas i would really really appreciate it

Its "nice" but is im honest, it doesn't jump out at me. I would maybe try and turn the "c" and the "e" into the power button and make that your focus point. It could work, if done properly.

What are you using to design?
thanks for your reply, yes that's was concerned me too and as i posted I'm definitely not a graphic designed i can use the software and re-create designs fluently, but i have no imagination. Im designing using PS, ID, AI, and coral draw.

The power symbol is a thought but i experimented with that and felt it just looked 'tacky' I really want something striking, would you abandon the idea of the cloud? I want it to look 21st century IT , not like theese tacky back street repair shops.

Lose the heavy grey outline to the cloud, it's too dominant. Slightly darker green and all text white out.
What do you think ? http://1drv.ms/1hkk8ry , Think your definitely right about the grey outline, but do you think i should use any form of a stroke? maybe a almost cream color did you think all of the text should be white? i made the actual company name white but it wasn't really readable.

Thanks really appreciate your feedback
Lose the pattern, I didn't see that in the first one. No stroke, all text white. Lose the Ltd, computer solutions the same width as logo. KISS!
It looks better, the sub heading is too close to the main logo though, and it still needs to be bigger - choose a less expanded font and lose the Ltd. Ltd only needs to be in the address line.
Im strugglign to find anything that really takes the eye, Im really considering going back to the drawing board on this one and sacking the consept of the cloud and power button, it is a little original i guess, If a company that offers commercial and business IT and network management services approached you for a logo what would your first thoughts be? do you have any ideas that could point me in the right direction?

Thanks James
That was my first thought too, but I've tried with a few companies locally a really to be honest what they've come up with i haven't liked, its been pretty awful to be honest, do you know anyone that would appreciate some freelance?