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Hi, I am a new start-up called 5geckos - and will be providing on-line marketing consultancy.
I'm looking for a logo as well as stationery.

I am currently working on the website - it will be very minimal but for reference will be based on this theme - http://wpshower.com/...theme=imbalance.
The logo will need to look just as good in b/w as well as full colour. I would prefer the number 5 instead of 'five' but could be persuaded.
I quite like the look of this - http://www.fivegecko...12/04/gecko.png and would not be adverse to swapping the G in that logo to a number 5 but I would like to utilise the gecko foot within the logo itself somehow.

I am open to other suggestions, however, I do not want any clip-art or just a typeface.

Let me know if you need any additional information, I've never requested anything like this on a forum before so forgive me if I have missed anything,

jay @ 5geckos.com

Thank you all in advance...



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Be careful with whatever it is you end up with though - with an extremely similar name, basing your logo on their one as well is blatant copying and would give them every right to get yours changed.