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I am a Pet Photographer and am just relocating my business after a house and area move and instead of waiting a year to get this done (the move was rather sudden) I thought what a better time to revamp my logo than now, when I can start almost afresh and release it to my new market.

Not really sure what and how much information I need to include in this post itself. I would like to have the png and image file of the logo once its been done so I can use it for marketing materials etc.

So basically all I need is the revamp and then a final image of the chosen logo.

My logo at the moment doesn't really explain what my business is like at all, I'd like that to change - but equally I would like, for branding purposes and for a bit of recognition (i.e people recognising that it is me and not a new business) I need it to still bear some resemblance to the old logo.

Does any of this make sense? Please feel free to ask me any questions!
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As a photographer myself it sounds like you have a great niche here.

My main skills lie within graphic design and web design. I would be happy to re design your logo for £100, and release all designs to you on completion for you to do as you wish.

I am currently updating my website but there is some relevant work that you can view, Pete Brady Design.
Can you PM or email me your existing logo so I can get a feel for your style and existing image.


Hi there,

I am a graphics designer specialising in Logo/Branding based in London and I understand exactly what you mean by revamp and not making people think its a new business. You can have a look at my work at Sam Raza Design and PM me if you would like to ask couple of questions. I am fully insured and work with variety of sectors (public/private).

Sam Raza
Branding Your Business

I'd be happy to help :)

I have ten years experience in creating identities for small businesses and supporting them for any future design needs (design of marketing materials, advertising and other print design services, as well as web design and more) as their business grows.

Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss further.

You can view my portfolio at Logo Design, Print Design, Illustration