Logo Required


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Hello everyone,

Would it be possible if I could request a logo design please? I set up a group on Facebook that's similar to Freecycle but more local called Mansfield Reusecycle (non for profit) and the page could do with a logo. I thought I would ask in here for direction first.

If any one could help me I would appreciate it, it does not need to be any thing fancy, something like this

Thanks in advance
Yes, I should of added that, obviously I don't have a lot to spare but I will pay.

Would someone be able to quote me?
Due to the appointment of a new graphic designer we are currently looking to develop our Graphic design portfolio and offering very very low prices on Flyers, Logos, Leaflets etc so be very happy to talk to you.

We have always been a recognised as a website design company and now expanding into the graphic design industry further.

Feel free to give me a call or drop and email through the website
gis a shout

Hey I'm a graphic design graduate
& I will do a logo for you if you still need one.
PM me for a quote.

cheers :icon_cheers:

Hi, My name is Colin Glasby and I am a qualified, highly creative logo designer currently looking to build my portfolio so would be able to design your logo at a reasonable fee with no limit on revisions\mockups.

Let me know if you still require a logo designed.

Thank you.