Logo ready to be picked about please!


Hello So really have just put this together so totally not finished in so far as picking and faffing but what do you think?

Client says...
I love photography. I dont think people understand that when your a photographer it becomes a lifestyle not a 9-5 job. I started by learning black&white film photography at college. I studied there for 3 years, Then went onto study another 3years in photographic art at university and left with a Ba Hons Degree. Now i shoot as much as i can on personal projects/weddings/styled shoots/portraits etc.

i love anything that is thrifted: charityshopped/carbooted. old cameras and retro vintage knick knacks. my house is full of random, mismatched items. my mum says "cluttered mind, cluttered home". i love things that reminds me of sitting in my grans house as a child eating jelly from china bowls. i know the market is currently saturated with vinatge and it will eventually pass but i have always loved it, im all about nostalgia!

An important thing for you know is that i am relooking at the way i am post processing images. i dont want to over-process them. i am looking to buy some presets from VSCO VSCO Film | Visual Supply Co, it will give a look of film. much more natural and slightly aged. i love the look of 70s photos, rounded edges, ever so slightly underexposed etc.
spired photography for creative people" is something i came up with recently. I dont know what you think of it but i want to be attracting the right sort of clients. not someone looking for a cheap local photographer with not a creative bone in there body.

"with honesty & heart" - which probably sounds completley cheesy to you buuuut after thinking long and hard about what is important to me and my business.. thats it. honesty&heart

i would love a handmade feel to the site. i think of 'handmade' as something of value, abit special that you invest alot of yourself into. i think thats what i want people to feel when they come to the site. That i do put a lot of myself into each job, i treat every customer as a friend and thats how i like to work.

i LOve purple! i have berry purple hair and just love it.

I want to rebrand as Laura Power. Not laura michelle photography. Feel the name is more memorable and stands out more. Just Laura Power, not Laura Power photography or anything like that.

I was thinking....retro, nostalgia, Lomo photography,driving on cliff roads in italy, childhood, american classic movies and the circle reflects the dials on the top of a camera :)
I think you've hit the vibe you're going for dead on and overall i think it looks really nice! I think the perforated edge gets lost and starts to look raggedy on the white version. Perhaps making that slightly bigger would help.
Also the logo and the name look slightly disjointed when appearing together like that. It could be just my but i think each is strong enough to exist independently or perhaps some other arrangement could work better. That might be just me though.
Thanks :) I think I actually missed a bitof the logo on the white version and its still purple doh! I play around with it and sort that out:) Its for a photographer so she would have plenty of uses to use the full logo or I guess the icon bit on it's own :)
yeah you're right you just missed a bit (I didn't zoom in before) I can see the icon being really good on social media sites etc.
Also what is the typeface? It's really elegant.
It's Calluna :) This evening I am off for a nanny job interview, as I cannot find enough graphic design work:( I am setting up my own apparel and homeware label as well but it feels sad that I won't be doing this as often :(
bleugh that sucks! I thought it was only a few months ago that you got a job in Kingston, did that not work out? Sounds like your new ideas are prime for selling on etsy!
Yes I did! I thought it was a great job and everyone was nice but it turned out the boss hated women:( I have fully moaned about it in earlier posts but NEVER get a job a Direct Designs in Esher! :)
I like the logo and think you are going down the right direction with the retro vibe. I usually like logos to be really clean and crisp, however, after reading what the client had to say, I was thinking you could give the logo a little bit of a "distressed" look, without changing the actual design that you have at the moment.
It took me a few moments to register that I was looking at a camera winder and, while I quite like it as a motif, I think there are other ways of approaching it that would look a bit less 'instamatic' - I think this shape in particular would look great in a logo: http://a0.omstatic.com/images/uploads/products-rvsn/rsvn-a-winder-s-1.jpg

Re: the 'LP' monogrammy thing, I don't personally care for initialization in a brand except where the trading name demands it but, if that's what the brief asks for, I'd want to take another look at the font, particularly that 'P' as the square part at the foot of it looks a bit clumsy (am I right in thinking that you're taking a cue from the old Leica logo [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_cG2SV6Pnn...8/s400/logos600px-Leica_Camera_logo.svg.png]? There are certainly similarities but the overall shape the letters make isn't doing it for me - maybe create something from scratch that has a bit more fluidity/hangs together a bit better and, if you do go with itallic script, perhaps angle it all so the ascenders are vertical).

Please note, by the way, that I resisted the temptation to say 'Me no Leica'.
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I really like it, but I think the amount of fine detail on the camera winder itself might got lost when scaled down to social media avatars and Favicons? Maybe that's something you just accept though.
Hello I hven't had a chance to play with it today be I had the same thought about the P so I have changed this slightly but Im not sure If I mind it not being to obvious :) and it is actually the top bit you alttached a photo of but just without the side bit, Dave :)
I'm waiting to hear back form the client so we'll see!