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Hi everyone !
I have problem with logo presentation in particular way, namely when You want to show a logo structure with all the rulers.
Here is a link, please have a look so you can understand what I mean.

Linda Corporative Identity on the Behance Network

The problem is simple..I just don't know how to do it.
What is the best way to do it.
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It's called post rationalisation. The logo wasn't constructed exactly that way, they've just drawn circles and grids all over the to of it in Illustrator.
How the logo was constructed should be of no relevance when presenting.

The logo should be presented to the client as they intend to use it....i.e on a business card, letterhead, web banner etc.....

Your client should view the logo as their clients will.

The thing most people forget is that the client doesn't necessarily have to love their logo, just be confident with it. It is their customers and potential customer who it has to engage.

Hope this helps?!

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