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Hi there,

I am designing a logo for 'Hillside Animal Sanctuary' and was looking for some inspiration and brainstorming as to what could be effective.

The charity helps and campaigns for animals needs, and to bring awarness to the factory farming industry. I've attached the original logo.

Any ideas would be much appreciated!



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A good tip is to design in black/white first only. Add colour/s later. Try silhouettes. Perhaps a softer font would work here too.
Simplifying Animals

Some good website links there.

Yes, the existing logo is too fussy/detailed'. If the client wants it though, one can still incorporate animal characters into the design in a 'less' fussy way though.

For instance look at this design from myself below. We have three animals but the design lines are simple.



Woah love your 'Molly & Max'

Clean Clear Crisp. 21st century idea.


I 've just done the same with a logo

It became too busy - messy. Just got to engrossed.

Back to drawing board.
What about having the H as 2 sides of a rolling hills illustration?

Just a grassy green with the animal's in whitespace on them, then a clean looking logotype underneath [Formata, maybe? although that may be too modern looking]?
Los Logos

My personal favourite is a series of books called loslogos. They do have a webpage too but the books are a must.
What about getting some design training or hiring a designer?

The logo the OP attached was the original, not the one they've done (please someone correct me if I'm wrong!).

In reply to the original question, i would advise not to look at other logos for inspiration. I know, it seems weird to say that perhaps but looking at what people have already done logo - wise (especially for a similar business) can go two ways, it will either restrain you, or you will end up (even if it is only subconsciously) copying in some way.

Think outside the box (my god that sounds cliche) - look for inspiration in everything whilst holding the brief in the back of your mind, things you wouldn't think would relate back to the logo, stuff that's not even related to graphic design, and the ideas will come. Works for me anyway...

Some good advice here and I agree entirely of keeping it simple.

The logo should work as a thumbnail, on letterheads, business cards and web so bear in mind when you make it that small it should still be impactful.

Choose a friendly font, soft in a way to represent the sanctuary and safeness of their offering.

Simplified animal profiles with a curve to represent hillside?

Best of luck - do post your proposed concept.

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