Logo Inspiration advice/suggestions please.


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Firstly I apologise if i'm too new to ask this but having been searching the forums I have seen others asking and receiving great replies/help even though they are new which is refreshing to see :thumb:

I never normally have a design block but with the amount of pressure I'm under trying to get my tattoo studio done, produce music for the record label I'm signed to, sculpt/mould/cast and airbrush movie props and replicas and then DJ out and about.... And this is all while bringing up 2 babies practically on my own!!!!!!! When I come to sit down and try and come up with a design or even just idea's i over think it.... that or exhaustion is setting in!

I also think I want to cram too much into the logo to try and get the message across what it's about... which in my book is a big no no lol. Simple but effective is how i've always tried to design logos etc.

As I put in my introduction I have been doing web design and programming for over 10 years, this includes doing design work for t-shirts/banners/flyers etc but I do not class myself as professional at all more like better then ok :icon_biggrin:

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to perhaps inject some inspiration and ideas.

Here's a run down of info about what the logo/branding is for:

The logo is for the Tattoo Studio I'm opening in the next month or so. It's name is Ravin' Ink - I have the web address too but haven't yet uploaded a site (not much point without the branding sorted). Obviously the name is inspired by my djing/raving and of course tattooing etc.

I want it simple but effective... with bright solid colours and obviously will have to be vector.

I appreciate all those willing to suggest ideas.... etc most of the things I've come up with are just quick put together ideas and feel cramped and too detailed. If it was put on a business card probably look stupid. lol!

A nice simple logo and then text Ravin' Ink no doubt etc.

Thank you all in advance!
Here's an article I wrote last week about how to be 'creative' and original when designing logos, you might find some of the advice useful, but I have to say that really if you're too tired, you're too tired - hire someone to do it for you perhaps if you simply do not have the time and energy to do a decent job of it :)

Same reason I'm hiring people to do work in my house instead of doing it myself. I 'could' do it myself, but I do not have the time or energy after my work and two children to do it, so I pay someone else to do it for me.

10 Logo Design Tips

Hi thank you both for your replies.

@Lovesprint - I would but I only have collection of designs/vectors I like the look of etc nothing created by myself as yet... I usually do this as a form of brainstorming and such etc.

@VLAHAKISA - Thank you for your link I shall read it in a few moments. I fully understand what you are saying regarding being tired so hire some one and I would absolutely love to but I can't justify spending money on it (as bad as that sounds) so have to do something myself.

A few years ago my baby was hospitalised and we had to come up with costs that would not be immediately covered by the NHS or insurance and to put it bluntly it crippled us... but there was no way I was risking waiting up to 12 months for anything to be done to a point it would be far to late...
How I've managed to come up with the £1000 spent building my tattoo studio I don't know... its taken months of buying what I can when I can... Hence why I've had to learn as much as possible about everything... I've done all the building and refurbishment myself, become a builder/tiler/plumber/painter and decorator the lot but proud for it as its all mine!!

Onwards and upwards - alive and kicking beats anything!!! I want to learn and I need to come up with something.... not after a pro job just something rather then nothing lol

My main obstacle is keeping it simple. I think my most favourable idea was something like a tone arm from a technic 1200 with the needle and cart being a tattoo machine... :icon_confused: Told you I need inspiration lol

Time for plenty of reading and thinking thanks again to you both!
Hi again... babies been settled a little while now (2nd baby - yes I'm a gluten for punishment :violin:).... so fired up illustrator to throw (literally lol) a few things together... please hold back the laughter... I'm no pro and openly admit I'm not :p

Ravin' Ink01.jpgRavin' Ink02.jpg

I'm off to bed and try and get a couple of hours before the baby wakes up lol! - you can see why I'm tired :icon_eek:
Create something MUCH MUCH more simple is my advice.

These are too busy, too many shapes and patterns and colours. They aren't suitable for a brand identity.

Google 'tattoo logo' and 'dj logo' in Google images and this will help drive inspiration (obviously don't copy) but it will show you the sort of logos others are creating and spark off some simple and neat ideas of your own hopefully. You need to come up with something visually simple.

Thank you Amanda I agree - I was just throwing things together and got carried way lol

I will come up with something soon and repost.

Thanks again for taking the time to give me your feedback its very appreciated.
Initially, I find it useful to work only in black when designing a logo. This speeds up the creative process and allows you to concentrate on form rather than colour.

Looking at what you've put together – I would say maybe just concentrate on the typography and ditch the pen/stylus/record idea. Maybe hand draw an elaborate typographic solution that shows off your pen skills?

This might give you a point of inspiration http://fadetheory.com/wp-content/19Small.jpg

The artist is called Si Scott – run a search on him for plenty more inspiration!

Hope this helps – keep us up to date.

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Hi folks... been a while! I have been really busy with my family going on holiday and such but also actually building the tattoo studio to which i'm happy to say is almost done!

Took the advice above and done some basic text work etc. thought i'd post it.

ravin ink logo04fb2.jpg