LOGO! (In Progress)


I am working on this logo, A friend approached me and asked for a logo, for an up and coming charity organisation, I said i would do it free of charge as im still in the learning process and it would be for charity

Heres what i have so far.
it feels a little dated if i'm honest.

i'm not too confident on the person having semi-circle legs/arms, what is it representing?

change the font face to a bit more smooth font and you're much further ahead though (Y)

plus i'd look at adjusting the green/blue difference, i don't feel they particularly well.
The Brief was very simple, I was told, Not too colourful, not too busy, Embrace the world! etc etc etc.
Im currently still learning and experimenting though, but thanks, Ill look into it.
TheNoone - I don't have any critism about the actual logo, but check the letter spacing/kerning in the 'One World, Our World.' it looks a bit dodgy and visually uncomfortable. Not sure about the punctuation in it either, especially the fullstop. Could you not possibly use a hyphen instead of the comma? ie One World - Our world

It's seems quiite familier, maybe you could make it more original with a more unususal typeface. Maybe it could be a Logo type.
Nice image, nice colours, but typography looks odd. Maybe have "One World" above, and "Our World" below (and sort out kerning as Matobo says). Try different fonts. Good start though.