Logo ideas advice


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Hi guys,

I am starting to design a logo for a project that my boyfriend is starting, the basis behind the project is a community of musicians who will share their knowledge etc. The name that has been decided for the project is "Elephant Grooves" and has been copy righted already!

I was wondering if anyone had any initial ideas how to bring this idea to life, i'm personally thinking the use of elephants and then also including music notes or a treble clef, could even incorporate it within the trunk. I haven't done a lot of work for personal people so just wanted help on this front!

Thank you very much!

Laura :)
Designs are really your idea.

Post some sketches of your ideas on here and we can give feedback - and then take it from there.
You could be really creative about this project.

At first, I thought of 'Elmer the elephant' - the use of colour to show the culture of music, from classic to metal, for example.

An idea I would sketch would be a solid elephant shape with popular instruments in negative space to form the gap between the legs.

Similar concept to this logo:
(Notice how the 'toothbrush' helps form the "R" letter)

The most common logo would be musical notes coming out of the trunk.