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I'm trying to develop my own personal logo but am finding it a little hard. I know the sort of thing I want but get excited by simple graphics, maybe even just type.

My site is Monsieur Cabinet you can see the logo in the top left corner.

I like the wood cut look, happy with the idea of a cabinet with a handle bar moustache but it just doesnt seem to work.

If any one can suggest anything, or a graphic designer with a spare few minutes on their hands could have a go at designing something, ideas would be appreciated

If it didn't have to be cartoon like, you could make a sort of wood background, with the handlebar tash then have the text there to, sort of engraved into the wood maybe?
I was looking for the logo and was sort of distracted by him, who needs a logo anyway? just stick him on your letterheads.:icon_lol:
Dave, just been going through your site, great sense of humour, I like all the film parodies in your book too

Hi Dave, I was about to say "what's he on about as his logo looks great" but obviously I'm late on this thread. Really like it, it has humour and is well balanced, good work!
hey, i agree the logo looks great!
and a really good website.

However i can see that the logo is pretty bad quality, you can see the jpegging if you look closely at the screen. looks like you have either blown it up too big or saved it at too low a quality.

id be happy to sort it for you if yu dont know how.

Good work