Logo / Graphic Design Process


Maybe a silly qeustion but anyway...

What is your logo/design process like? Do you follow a set process or do you just think up a random idea and jump straight into 'designing' from your head as it were. For example, I generally give myself an hour or two (often more/less) to do some sketching/ideas, then choose the lucky few and then computerise them before picking the 'winning' design(s) to keep working on til done.

Just wondering how everyone else works?
For me personally it differs.
Sometimes I can have a million ideas to sketch or sometimes I struggle.
But the first thing I always do is research the business that i'm producing the logo for. Finding out as much information as possible to represent the company in the best possible way.

I'll then start to look at other designers work and try and find a specific trend/cliche' which i'll then avoid at all costs.

By this stage i'll start sketching ideas. I'll probably step away for a few hours to freshen my mind and then start putting the ideas onto the Mac. Depending on the complexity of the design i'll either use photoshop to clean it up before taking it into illustrator. Always being in black and white, then gradually add your colour.

Finally i'll send it to the client for them to rip apart!
Forgot to add the research bit in - I always do that of course! :icon_rolleyes:

Also, I tend to 'trace' my sketch in Illustrator manually and not use the trace feature...perhaps I should give a go? Does it actually make any difference to the quality etc or just make it a bit quicker?
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I'd tend to avoid it at all cost tbh.

The only time ill use it is if i'm provide with a crips tiff or jpeg that is a solid colour and even then you usually have to tidy it up.