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Hi, Let me say I am no graphic designer so please be gentle with me. Though criticism is welcome.

I am in the process of creating a web site for a charity challenge and I am trying to develop a logo for it.

I have just sketched this up as an initial draft and I would welcome comments and suggestions.

The logo is meant to represent 1 Man 1 Mountain



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Hate to say it but my suggestion is to hire a designer, looks pretty poor at the moment, sorry I no this is for a Charity but don't know what else to suggest really.:icon_dunno:
Thats fine your comments are welcome.

Personally I thought my sketch was a bit naive but it was just a rough sketch.

The hiring of a graphic designer is outside of the budget at present as myself and a couple of others are just doing this in our spare time.

So any advice / direction is welcomed.
Fair comment.

The concept of having the 'M's as mountains is a good starting point IMO.

I would make the '1' more clear against the two 'M's. Having them overlapping is just making the whole thing look a mess rather than anything well thought out and coherent. Also perhaps choose a better font for the whole piece. is that Comic Sans???

Also the oval behind it all adds nothing and is adding to the confusion in my poor, Friday brain.

Stick with the M/mountain thing and take it back to the beginning and refine the hell out of it.
Thanks for that, I've just had another go...

Again this is just an inital sketch

Comments welcome, both good and bad


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Ok I've tinkered with it (or should that be refined in graphic designer speak)

Let me know what you think.

Just to let you know I really do appreciate the initial savaging as it made me do rethink.

I'm not sure if I should include a No. 1 in the design or do you think it would look cluttered?


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