Logo for Air Craft


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I'm working on the branding for my new company "Air Craft" which is based around an iPhone motion/music technology (see it here): Sound Wand App: Jazz, Dubstep and Pure Synth Power - YouTube

I'm wondering whether you might help me choose among a few different styles and fonts. I'm towards the end (I hope!) but I'm getting really mixed opinions from friends and strangers as to which variation is best. There are 3 badge styles and 3 font options: Air-Craft-Logo---Further-Development---2-2-2.png

I'm partial to the third or the first, but most people seem to like the second! Everyone seems to prefer the first font, which I think does look good but wonder if it's a little too NASA/Star Wars? Maybe that's ok...

If you are interested, the idea with the mark is that the ribbon symbolises motion in space. It's also an "AC" if you look at it the right way. It's also like an Infinity sign broken open - like "infinite power unleashed". I'm trying to emphasise the organic, fluid and natural control of the hi-tech.

Thanks everyone...
Top one has the most promise in terms of reproducing across different mediums; business cards (stationery in general), embroidery, signage etc, visibility on screens with different resolutions etc.
I like the first one as the solid stroke around the graphic contains it nicely. a sans-serif font is the way forward but I'm not 100% on the one you've chosen.