Logo feedback requested


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Hi everyone, I've been lurking for a while (after getting some awesome font-related help) and would like to ask for a bit of feedback on a logo design that I'm having a few problems with.

I'm working on a logo for someone who is setting up a copywriting business using the name Midwinters Copy. The domain name will be mcopy.co.uk and the client just wants to use text for the logo.

I've had a play and can't decide if I like this attempt or not - since the domain name is Mcopy.co.uk, I wanted to put the M next to the copy.

The things I'm unsure of are the mix of fonts and where the Y's tail joins the 'i', so feedback would really be appreciated!

I think that your doubts are well founded and, in combination with the guiding premise of putting the 'M' next to 'copy' (totally unnecessary in my view), I think the result lacks balance/unity: I'd suggest that, in the trading name 'Midwinters Copy', the two words are basically equal (in a way that they wouldn't necessarily be in, for example, 'Midwinters Copywriting Services', where the descriptive part is secondary) but the visual stress in the above design detracts from this, adding undue (and unclear) emphasis on different elements of the logo (the suggestion of a lack of unity stems from the fact that I can't even decide which).

Another thing I'd flag is that the use of two itallic fonts sloped at different angles looks awkward.
That's great, many thanks!! You've justified my concerns perfectly and also flagged something I'd overlooked (the different angles).

Just to add something, I don't think the gradient or the drop shadow are doing anything to help the logo look fresh, so often both these effects can date a logo. Not always, they do have their place, but if you're going to go back to the drawing board I would say for now at least, lose them, and once you're happy with the logo, see if they add anything x
With this, I'd personally go for something simple that utilises clean, elegant typography and emphasises the beauty of the words. That's what a copywriter is all about after all :icon_smile: