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Hi everyone

I'm new to the site, but would really appreciate some feedback. I've been putting together a website/web-app for beginning guitarists, to help with learning where all the notes are on the guitar. It's called FretTutor, and the logo and emblem for the website are attached.

Any comments/advice would be much appreciated. Is there anything you would change?




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What does the emblem represent? I'm not seeing anything guitar related personally and there's the possibility of incorporating some of the many shapes that you can find on a guitar into the design somehow.

I'd drop the gradients and drop shadows/glows particularly the drop shadow behind the swirl background. How does it look in pure black and white, i.e. solid shapes with no effects applied at all? :icon_smile:
Everything Paul said, basically: a guitar-related logo could pretty much resolve itself in any number of ways - my first thoughts would be headstock/tuning pegs, pickups, fretboard ... you name it.

the emblem is not bad but TT for your logo baffles my brain :)

the emblem writing is not clear and crisp because of your glow backgrounds

Thanks for the feedback guys!

Paul and Dave, fantastic, as I read what you we're saying, I could envisage a guitar neck behind the emblem, and I agree, I think it would make much more sense. It just hadn't occurred to me! I'll give it a try.

Bryonc, regarding the glow background for the text, I wanted something that would help give some sort of accent, as the rest of the webpage in monotone. At the same time, if I just made the text red, I don't think it would stand out as much... But do you think it's that distracting?

And regarding the logo, yea, you're right, it's main purpose is as the favicon for the webpage (hence the filename), but it's not really a very good logo..

Anyway, I'll get to work on a more guitar-related background, hopefully put it up soon. And once again, thanks a lot for the feedback, it was very helpful!