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I'm looking for some critique and advice on these logo designs for my new start-up Baked Events. This is the first time i've used Illustrator so it's pretty basic. I know it needs more work but i've hit a bit of a roadblock and keep changing my mind about everything so thought i'd get some feedback.

The company produces a range of private/social events including birthdays, engagements, dinner parties, weekend celebrations etc.

Logo:View image: BE Logo 6 Selection

Your feedback will be much appreciated :)


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Hi there,

I don't get option 2 at all but 1C is the best out of those options. I would change the 'Baked' font to something more inspiring and also sort out the kerning. The colours also seem a bit 'wishy washy' might want to look into that too. But in all honesty, for a company that is meant to provide celebratory events, the logo is not very exciting nor does it provoke a 'celebratory' feeling. When I look at it for some reason I think of Baked Beans... Dunno why, it must be the fonts.


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Hi thanks for your comments :)

Haha the Baked Beans is funny and now you've mentioned it it's all I see. The curl of the "e" is supposed to symbolise balloons but it is a bit bean-like - maybe it needs more definition with a thinner tail. In terms of the celebratory aspect i'm trying to stay away from anything too obviously "party" so there's scope to attract the corporate market at a later date (maybe better colours would translate a more celebratory feel?). I agree about the colours - at first I chose pastel shades to differentiate from competition that are all doing obvious contrasts (Purple & Grey, Black & Pink, Navy & Pink) but as they are they're not right and I prefer the logo's in B&W. - http://postimg.org/image/61eh2liwz/

The second logo concept is supposed to be "baked" sitting atop a cake stand but maybe it just doesn't translate.

I will work on some of the things mentioned and await more feedback.

Thanks for your advice :)
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So I've done a bit more on the first concept - altered the e's to define the balloons, tried a couple of other fonts (I prefer the second, simpler font - although perhaps it still stands out too much) and played about with placement adding some floating letters - this may have a more 'celebratory' feel perhaps? I'm ignoring colours for now :S.

View image: BE Logo New Concepts6

Thanks in advance

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The E's should sit below the baseline, never directly on it, otherwise they look like they're are floating (same with O). I get what you did with some of them floating, but I don't think it works, it breaks up the flow of the name.

I don't really like any if I'm honest, they're basically slightly different versions of the same idea. Mix it up a bit and do 6 completely different ideas: Different font, style, idea, etc. Then come back :icon_biggrin: