Logo Design


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Hi, I was just looking to find out, how much roughly to charge a customer for a logo design. I am a web programmer but a customer wanted a new logo which I have designed (based on her drawings) I have replicated her design in Corel Draw but I am not too sure how much too charge, as this isnt something I do, so thought I would get some advice.

Thanks in advance.
If your a web-designer you should really work a graphic designer like myself :thumb: so all work is up to standard for your portfolio. For price you should charge dependent on your clients budget cause you could price yourself out don't go lower then £150 even if they our a small company unless there business will benefit you in the future .

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There's no fixed price, you have to work it out based on your own factors (skill-level, time taken, etc). How do you work out what to charge for your web development? If it took you 2 hours, you could just charge her for two hours work since you technically didn't do any design. Just remember, she asked you to draw it up because she doesn't have the means/knowledge to do it herself. You should charge for that knowledge, even if it's not your primary skill.