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Ok guys I have decided to go with a different name. Just felt right for some reason lol. What do you think?

Picture Element is another word for 'Pixel.' I just thought it made sense too as my company is all about designing graphics!
Sketches first..then Illustrator to create the flat images or text and then photoshop to add effects and colour...why?
I was just curious.
You can create all the effects in Illustrator you know? Just saves going into Photoshop, and it means you can retain your vector format for large scale versions of the work etc :)
I know...just my preference. So what do you think of the logo lol?
If you're looking at setting yourself up as a company you should really get to grips with doing the full thing in Illustrator, allows for scalability etc. In Photoshop, you wouldn't be able upscale it very well.

As for that logo, again it comes down to scalability? It looks like there's some sort of Bevel and Emboss on the P and E? Which wouldn't be effective any smaller than that size there. Also, that background is fairly distracting.
The background was supposed to be lots of pixels. If I made them smaller would they still be distracting? Here is what it looks like without background:

My opinion and please don't take this the wrong way is if you are going to be offering logo design as a paid service then you should have a better understanding of logo design, in your last 2 threads you have had quite basic problems pointed out to you. I understand that it can be difficult designing your own logo but are you going to be asking all these questions for each job you get?
No offense taken. I'm just trying to create my logo to meet the standard required in terms of legibility, scalability, appeal and most of all makes sense. Sorry if I'm annoying you :)

I'd get rid of the list of design services beneath, the typeface doesn't fit with the identity and it wouldn't scale down too well I'd imagine.

They're probably all subcategories of 'Branding' anyway, why not offer them all as a package rather than individual services?
Hmmm your right...what should I replace it with or should I leave it blank?
Ok...I have decided to scrap the strapline and just base my company on designing logos (for now). So I have gone with something clever (I think lol) and simple, however effective! PEL (Picture Element Logo) DESIGNS is my new and final name lol! The clever thing about it is the word pel is another word for pixel (apparently), so I have a play on words thing going on. I think this is the right design. Let me know what you think guys:

It reminds me of these:


But not in a good way.

It's just too underdeveloped feeling, a really obvious solution on the "pixel" theme, and a theme I'm not particularly keen on for someone doing logo design, which shouldn't really be done in pixels, should be done as a vector. Pixel art can be SO good, but that's not what you're doing, you're doing graphic design, and that's more than pixel based.
I can see what you are trying to get at but it just doesn't look sharp enough to me - but that just might be my irrational dislike of pixelated type fonts (amongst others).

You are definitely getting there though and it's just my opinion.
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