Logo Design


It's been a while since I have posted on here, Hope you have all been well.

Anyway I was approached by the owner of a small business in Hitchin.
I was asked to do the branding for her as they are setting up another shop.
Basically, they were after a two colour logo that was simple and straight forward
and could retain a "by hand" feel to it, also to be used as signage.

Anyway, here's what i'm hoping will be the final design

It took me around 2 seconds to notice that the company is called 'Fusion' and not 'Usion'. That's a long time to figure it out. I like the concept and the subtlety of the 'F'. But may it needs to be just a tad more predominant.
I agree that the letter F in your design is not obvious.

While I like the concept, I'm not sure that Joe Public will be immediately recognise what you're trying to do. I don't think the company name is something that can ever be open to interpretation.
Though I do agree with all of the comments and the points made that the name of the business needs to be clear, I did see that it was Fusion straight away and, therefore, hadn't thought of that myself.

With that in mind, I do really like it - I think it looks fresh, modern and appropriate for the industry. I agree with Minuteman that the subtext is perhaps too small and hard to read but I like the concept.
I did think about the 'F' but me being the designer, i designed it and could clearly see the F, sometimes that ignorance can get in the way.

However, work is underway, hoping to get something really nice from it

Thanks for all the comments, I think professional criticism is the best way to perfecting a design!
Took me a couple of secs to add the F too. Discovering that kind of visual trickery can be a delight but, having got it, I was mainly left with a question as to whether it really works or not. Then I start to read the hair device as a highlighted S and it's muddier still.

I don't dislike the idea but I'd try a couple of other things (first thought: try fashioning the hair gimmick to create the left-hand upright edge of the F).
Looks good, I did notice it was supposed to be 'Fusion' straight away, maybe adding a subtle pink stroke just to the 'F' or something like what Dave said would work. =)
I like it, i noticed the f and read it as fusion straight away too but i can see how others might not. Would agree with the comments about the sub text, it is VERY difficult to read.

I would also have a think about how a circular logo will fit in on their signage, documents, website etc - circles can be one of the most difficult things to work with.

I'm also not sure if it meets the "by hand" criteria - what does everyone else think on that point?