Logo Design Time?


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Hello all,
I'm new to the forum.

I just wanted to know how long, in terms of time, would you spend on a logo design in a commercial environment?

Many thanks
How long is a piece of string? I have done one in under an hour .... but it depends on client and cost!
From my experience, assuming you have as much information about what your client would like from the logo as you can get, you should be able to get a range of initial designs over in no more than 6 hours. Obviously amendments thereafter on-top of that - but the initial designs, no longer than 6 hours.

I preferably like to spend a day on a logo, and I tell my clients that before I start. It gives me enough time to try every option and every idea.

If it takes you longer than a day, you'd probably lose your job eventually.

EDIT: And like the poster above has said, it can also depend on your client's budget. If they're only going to pay you 50 quid, don't spend any more than 2 hours on it.
We average apporx four hours - but... the piece of string argument is valid. Has been one hour - has been several days and lots of meetings.
Thanks guys, I ended up spending 1 day on it in the end (including the normal office interruptions, clients dropping in, phones, emails etc). I quite liked the first one, but, to give them chose went to to create a few more and somehow ended up with 8! And guess what, they chose the first one so it could have just taken me about an hour lol.
Well done you :icon_cheers:

I'd agree with the piece of string comment, also thinking time can vary from almost instantaneous "A ha" moments to ..... anything!
Agree totally with the 'how long is piece of string'

Depends on the brief, client & budget, aims & objectives etc

I only ever present 3 concepts maximum unless the client requests more.

Haven't really got an average time as sometimes I can spend a day or 2 and not come up with nothing that is suitable .. tend to have my "ah hah!" moments mid way through sleeping for some reason.
It really does depend. Ive just spent a week on an identity creating an identity palette. It really depends on the client, budget, size of the job as a whole. If an identity is being created for a complete rebranding then it can take months.