logo design pricing


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Hello everybody,

I'm very happy i found this forum and very excited to be a member. I'm a graphic designer, recently moved in London and i'm planning to find a job in the graphic designer sector. A few days ago i had an offer from a client for purchasing a logo and stationery, (a rejected project) i had made for a company in the past. Since i'm recently moved in UK i'm out of touch with the market and the charging prices. I had a look at the recent thread in the forum about pricing for logo design and i assumed the prices are between 150 to 500 pounds. I'm still a bit confused about what to charge, since its a project that has been made and tailored for some other company but it's something i've worked for. I would like to hear your thoughts about it.

Hi Christina, I would suggest that when "selling off" an unused design, the price obviously should reflect your time and expertise, but also should be dependant on the value the client will gain from it. I would let it go a little cheaper than if I'd designed it from scratch since I'd already been paid to design it for a previous client, but I'd consider where and how the client will be using it. If it's just a one-man band then a lower price is fine, but if they're planning on using it for example on livery across a fleet of vehicles, then they can afford to pay a decent chunk more, and should!

Whenever I'm asked about pricing design, I always tell people that a client will make more money from something well-designed than the designer ever will, so your price should reflect that.