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I have a graphic designer working on a Logo for me, and im looking for some feedback from professionals. Anything is appreciated.
My instruction from here has been to square everything up with the sizes, make sure everything is in line, and to add a cloud in a clever way (if anyone has any ideas for that)

But what version do you think? and what would you change?

Appreciate it



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Personally I think the first design is the best, but saying that I think that it could be simplified. I like the boldness and how it stands out but I think that it could be simplified and still look bold and great.
Hi Sam

When you say the first design do you mean the one with the dots forming the I and T or the first of sample 2 with the whole line forming the T ? and what do you mean by simplified ?

I mean the one without the three dots, the left hand side one if that makes it easier. As for it being simplified I mean that it seems like there is too much in the design, it seems like you dont need the grey rectangle at the bottom and also the text "Making it easy" also doesn't seem necessary.
I agree with Sam, the one on the left is better (although the horizontal cross on the T is longer on the left hand side), but you don't need tag lines in a logo. The one on the right reads as Tiech to me.
I think i will maybe sack off the use of the 'Making IT Easy' I would like to use a cloud, my deigner has put it in a couple of times and i just don't like the way it came out, anyone got any suggestions how i could incorp it ?

I agree also with the T , she's going to re shape it and make sure its the right seizes etc. this was more of a extreme draft idea.
Hi Paul
No i quite agree, Thank you for your feedback. I want this to be best as possible there really is nothing worse than crap logo's. where would you head from here?

The main thing I would look at would be the font. To me, it doesn't feel like it fits with the brand as well as it could. The T is very strong and hard-edged, but the rest of the name looks, well, not very 'techy'. I like the way you've constructed the T in the second-second option. Is this use of squares something that could carry across the rest of the name/logo?