Logo design: one word cut in half and put in two lines


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Hi guys,

My question is about nonstandard logo design. I have 9 characters word which I consider to cut in half and put in two lines (one word in two lines, five letters above and four under, square logo). Do you know some fine examples of brands with that kind of logo design? I'll be grateful for your help.


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That’s two words and nothing unusual. You want to cut one word in half.

What’s the word?


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It really depends what the word is and how it looks. To me the film one doesn't work because it's making three different words which don't make sense.
There would have to be a very good reason to do it, not just to get it into a square.

Can you attach what you have so far?


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Sure, I can attach my draft design but what I really need is to see some examples to know if going that way make sense. A single logo is important, but there will be a whole visual identity stands behind it. The word is „Internety” and it is plural of „Internet” in Polish language (popular common use in our country).


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I can see why you've done it, but it's purely up to the client if they want to split it. It would be strange to have both though,
if they're wanting a brand.

It's quite an expanded font. Have you showed them an option with a more condensed one, so it fits in a box better? It looks better
in full in the box to me, although a little too small.


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Thank you, Wardy. I think I can try something out with condensed font. The logo is rectangular, the box here is just for presentation reason. Wide, rectangular one looks good on the website but it's hard to play on Social Media, where are lots of small and square forms.