Logo design help - Ulterior


Hey! in need of some major help with a logo design.
Been given a new brief for university.. its a web based project but we have to design an identity. the company has to be called 'ULTERIOR' but it can be any business so i've chosen to do a record label.

Everything I'm generating is pretty basic and generic for this brief, nothing too crazy because i want to create an identity that will allow me to follow it up with a simple, clean website
Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 18.07.18.jpg
any input would be much appreciated
Good start, I can see what you're trying to do with the equalizer? (If that's what its called). I would suggest making it more recognisable as a record label. At the moment, your logo could be interpreted as something else, like NY buildings or tetris etc. I only know it's a record label because I read your post beforehand. My advice would be to give yourself some options; rather then creating different versions of the same logo design, create completely different logos altogether, so there are no (or very few) similarities between them. Then you can see which works best and work on it from there. Research simple record label logos.