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After being stung by a web company offering logo design, I am looking for a reputable person or company to design a logo for a small dog breeding/showing and working kennel. We don't have a big budget, but the dogs we are breeding are on the endangered list. They will be at crufts this year and a website is just being built, so there is a huge opportunity for advertising.

Can anyone help???
I don't see where this huge advertising opportunity is at crufts if I design your logo, can you explain further please?

What budget have you set aside for logo design?

Many thanks

Hi There,

I'm keen to help you out. Email me with a budget you have in mind and we can go from there.
My website is: GRAPHITE DESIGN which has work samples and a contact email address.

Getting Stung

Do you think there is a possibility that you were stung because you hired someone who was cheap/low cost and thus they didn't have the skills and experience necessary to create a winning design for you?

They do say pay cheap pay twice, do you want to repeat the mistake a third time? Your budget may be low, but you can't expect to pay peanuts and not get monkeys from that. That's the reality of the outcome of paying a lower price for a design service.

Good design doesn't have to be hideously expensive, but designers have bills to pay also and as a skilled profession (not everyone is a good designer, it's very much a skill that takes years to hone), you can't really get a decent designer for low prices.

If the price is low the corners will be cut somewhere ... the design will be not really good enough for something that could be your brand identity for many years to come (as you have found). Or perhaps it might look ok, but it might not be entirely original and has been based on a template so they can churn out designs at low cost ... but they aren't really original designs. You may find other companies with a similar design/same design.

Any professional designer will know that the advertising opportunity in this situation is close to zero I'm afraid and thus this doesn't make it worthwhile for them to cut their pricing in return for the good advertising opportunity.

Even if it said on the website 'logo designed by' and a link, and even if the traffic was huge (which I doubt it will be, and it would have to be really huge), the type of people visiting the site won't care who has designed the identity and aren't likely to click to find out.

The site traffic won't be mainly businesses owners needing design services, or startup businesses needing design services. i.e. they are not the designers target market/potential customer base.

To summarise, the minimum you can expect to pay to receive perhaps three concepts to chose from, and be reasonably assured that the designer is fairly good, is something like £200.00 and you'll be lucky to even find a good designer that only charges that much. Really a good designer is more likely to charge between £300 and £500 for three - five concepts.

Does you budget spring to anything like that?

Best Wishes

Unfortunately I'm all booked up with work for now but I am sure one of the other designers from the GDF can fulfil your brief :)

I look forward to seeing what you finally end up with.
Thanks for all the advice, on reflection I am probably coming at this from the wrong angle, but when you have a passion for something it's easy to have your head in the clouds, but my feet are firmly on terrafirma now.

So I'll start again, I'm looking for a logo desgin for my kennels, this is a small hobby kennel breeding and promoting a rare breed of sled dog. I am aware you get what you pay for, but when the budget isn't very big what do you do:icon_dunno:

The logo needs to be used on a website clothiing and van and paperwork, so must be easlily portable, my budget is about £120, the logo needn't be very flashy but in some way must reflect what the dogs are, which are the oldest breed of sled. The Kennel name is Fenskimos and the tag is Canadian Eskimo Show and Working Dogs.

Hope this is a better approach.

I recommend Paul [PCBranding], purely based on his portfolio. He seems an experienced hand at this.

Hopefully you'll get the design you're looking for!
logo required

Further to your logo enquiry, you can see samples of our work here: The Set Up

I would be able to produce a logo for you relatively quickly, however realistically I couldn't go below £250 as a special offer to you as a Graphic Design Forums member.

Please let me know

You can email me here
I have had contact from the client, but nothing since submitting my quote.
I look forward to hearing from you should you read this post before my emails.
Logo design

Hi there, I would be happy to work with you on this project. Would normally charge a bit more but am trying to promote my new business and would therefore be happy to take the job on. Please see my profile for some logo examples and I can email more examples to you if you require?

Please note that I have over 8 years experience as a Graphic Designer, it is just my company that is new.

My website is www.scope-design.com if you would like to check it out.