Logo design for EDM DJ/Producer


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I am looking for someone to design a logo for my DJ'ing exploits, so to speak. The details shall be left for more private discussion, but I am after a simplistic, monochrome design with good scaling and ease of reproduction being paramount (E.g: Easy to print, cut and stencil on a wall with no artistic skill and in one colour and shade). Here are some existing logos that fit the theme I'm looking for perfectly:

My stage name, as you may have guessed, is Polycore and I always wear a low polygon mask whilst performing; so that should have a strong influence on the design. Here's a rough approximation of the mask I drew up in paint.net: (I'm between tangible ones at the moment till I can get more filament for my 3d printer!)


Thank you for your time, chaps, and please feel free to hit me up at: [email protected] if you're interested in giving me a quote, a link to your portfolio would also be much appreciated.


Hi John, this sounds like an exciting project. I would be happy to design a monochrome logo for you. I will e-mail you shortly with my info and a quote.