Logo design feedback


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Hi there,
This a logo I designed for an office broadband supplier. They already had a logo for another part of their business:
Screen Shot 2012-09-11 at 15.37.29.png
So they insisted on keeping the green/blue colour scheme and the dots.

Here is what I came up with:

Any feedback would be great.
If I am honest I much pefer their original, your's insn't bad it's just their's is stronger (to my eyes anyway). Could you not keep it more similar and kinda use thin white lines to connect the dots of the original? in other words practially identical apart from name change (same font) then join the dots?

...aso looks like you have a gradient / inner shadow to your's (tho could just be the res making it look that way)...if you do, do you really need to have it?
I think the client wanted a different feel to the design, so they shouldn't be too similar. I probably dont need to gradient so thanks! :)
I quite like what you've got going on. I think the 3 lines connecting every single dot is maybe a bit much? Maybe go for single strokes?
I'd quite like to see the text put underneath the connected dots as well. The descender of the p may interfere, but it might be worth a look.
My instinct here would be to simplify the design to make it a bit more punchy. I agree with Tony's comment that the three lines on every dot is too much. Perhaps you only need to connect two dots - from corner to corner using a single, heavier line. Or maybe you could just connect the green dots?
It occurs to me that a single line connecting the centre dot to the one immediately to its right starts to make a letter 'C'. I'm not sure there are any legs on this as an idea but there you go.
I think it's a great start, but I agree with everyone else that the connecting lines are a bit OTT. Maybe try Turing your lines into solid shapes, make them semi transparent like glass or a motion blur - could even colour code them to the dots they join up.

I like MJ96's comment on staking the type like the original, but maybe try different locations in relation to the icon to mix it up from theirs.

All in all I like it though. You can see a strong connection with the original, but it's different enough to know that it relates to something different. :thumb:
the idea is nice, the final result isnt finished yet though i think.

id put the text under the logo, and with the lines id try looking at them either thinner or as a dotted line as at the moment i think the lines(probable cause of the thickness) messes it up a bit and makes it to much to look at. but the initial concept is good