Logo design feedback wanted

Hi all

I am a graphic designer, just starting out doing freelance work - I recently designed a logo for a friend's company and would like some feedback from other designers/professional.


It is a small courier and haulage business call V Express Couriers & Haulages Services Ltd.
I would much appreciate and feedback/critique :)


It's a nice enough logo, but I don't think it's too clear what the business is called. It's unusual to be known by just one letter, and at first glance (eg. on the side of a van) it might
look like they are called "Express Couriers". The V isn't distinct enough, like UPS logo, for instance. Or is it just me?
The fade effect you've used on the tail of the V looks very dated. It could be the colour choice too though.

It's just a non-offensive logo, it doesn't do anything exciting though.
I agree about the name being a little unclear. Also, I'd be tempted to either shorten 'Limited' to 'Ltd', or remove it completely to improve and reduce the footprint a little.
Yes I kind of agree about the name of it... but its not my job to name the company.. I can only go by the info. my friend has given me, and he registered the business as 'V Express Couriers & Haulage Services Ltd' because his name is Vernon - I dont like it much either... but as I say, I can only design with the name he has given.. :-/
I kind of see what you mean but, at the same time, it's not a bad decision in this context. The shape of the V itself + the lines to the left make it look a bit like a deconstructed harp though...

Yes Dave.. I do agree it looks like inverted harp with wings... :) I am only just starting out - I do appreciate ur constructive feedback guys - thanks all! To be honest,any design is an improvement on what my friend currently uses:

The 2nd one (blue one) is a big improvement on the 1st one you posted. more colour, but again though the text is 2 small though. id look at removing the "V" text and just using the logo design for the "V" and defo make it Ltd. from Limited
Do NOT use the green V - a certain bearded self-publicist billionaire is notoriously litigious: I remember reading something a few years back about a jobbing carpenter called Robert Virgin [like he didn't have enough of an issue there] being harassed by hotshot lawyers over the use of his family name in his trading name (which, amusingly, I believe he changed to 'Richard Branson Carpentry Services' or somesuch).

I quite like the black V that doubles as a tick but I'd still spell-out 'V Express' for the avoidance of it being misread.