Logo Design - Feedback Wanted


Hey all,

I've been working on this (on & off) for some time and feel that it is probably about as good as I can get it and would like some feedback, to see if that can help make it better.

The company isn't really a company, it is just something I'm working on and hope to be able to make it into more than a one-man-bedroom-business.

The focus of the business is to redesign websites. These will be for small businesses mainly, those that have a web presence but didn't spend much (if any) money on their site, and there are a lot out there. So it's all about a positive change.

The company name is Flip IT like 'flip it over' but it is a form of an I.T. Company right? So capitalising IT seems like a good idea.

The three bullet points make the traffic lights 'flipped' on their side and show the change going from Red - Green, which is to indicate the change of the customers website from bad to good (or stop to go)

flip•••it logos.jpg

Let me know what you think
I like the concept but really don't like the font of the tagline doesn't sit with the main font well. But well done :icon_smile:

One thing though as soon as I looked at it it reminded me of someone else's logo, don't know who so just bear that in mind.
Thanks, I've started trying other fonts with a little more character and for now dropped the tagline until I decide on the main font. I am looking for fonts that have a full circle inside the p as this should work better I hope.

As for it looking like another logo...possible but the only logo that I can think of that has 3 dots it Reed but their logo is still very different.
Thanks, the background is part of the banner on the website I'm also designing and believe me it looks nothing like Facebook :)
I should put the draft of that, up for critique before I start the coding. It's to easy to think it looks good-to-go when you're the only one looking at it.
The name: 'Flip IT' I would recognise as a hardware related company - cabling, networking, computer supply, repairs etc. Not a website redesign company. May be just me.