Logo Design Critique

Ed Sillars

New Member
Hey all,

I have a logo commission from a company that does Wall Coatings, I have finished the first draft and would love some feedback if anyone would be so kind to share their thoughts.

There was not too much direction from them design wise (apart from wanting something they can use at the top of letters as well as their website etc.) The name they wanted on the logo was "Long Life Wall Coating Limited" - I checked and they are ok with using 'ltd.' instead.

I was working along the principle that:

- Needs to be very simple with an emphasis on the important words (Wall Coating) - Did this by making those walls the largest font.
- Needs to be recognizable on a van going past quickly.

Am I going along the right lines for this company?
What do you think about the current draft?
Do you think it looks strange cutting off coating at the (co-ating)?

Longlife wall coating Logo.jpg

Many thanks,

Agree was comments above, and also your own comment about the the image cutting off the word coating, I'd look to perhaps sit the arch at the top, or perhaps have the text sitting in the image therefore on a wall. Might be worth having a look without the image at all and seeing what you think, as the typeface is strong on its own.

Another little thing would be to decrease the size of the text 'long life' so it ends at the C of coating. The G of 'long' should then sit well in the space above the A.

Good start though, look forward to seeing it evolve!