Logo Design - Clan/Gaming designs


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Hey guys, I've been working on a concept website to sell templates/custom designs for gamers across a variety of different mediums (clan pages, player pages, commercials & stream overlays).

Just looking for some critical feedback on the logo itself, if you're not a gamer you're unlikely to understand the text itself (just seems like bad grammar) but I assure you it's not completely off the wall!

Any feedback is greatly appreciated,

few years ago me and a friend setup a similar thing making websites for gaming clans mainly for the half life / unreal games with a cms system for the clan leader to add matches / results etc. it went ok but if you looking for making money out of it, its not the best thing to do unless u get hold of a pro gaming team. im part of an eSports community myself.

logo is not that bad perhaps try incoorporate within the logo what type of games its for.
Quite like it. If it's a logo for numerous games I wouldn't incorporate lots of game elements within the logo. If it was focused towards 1 game, COD for example, then yea, stick a gun or bullet or whatever in.

The logo itself is pretty clean and tidy. I like the white and yellow colours together. Usually I'd say that the tagline is too small, but as it's just a logo which will only be used online, it's fine. It's not like you're going to need it any smaller on a business card.

The only thing I would say is put capital letters on Design and e-Sports.
It looks fine, but not especially original or spectacular: the light/heavy text thing is pretty much ubiquitous but it's nicely executed here.