Logo Critique

Hi Folks,

I'm just at the early stages of developing a logo for a one woman run hand made card business. Her cards are exquisite, pure luxury. They are made with such flair and class, they don't come across as the kitch, rustic handmade cards one would usually see. She wants a logo that portrays luxury, skill and the fact that they are handmade. Her products speak for them selves (she has lush photography of them too which helps) and I felt that something simple would compliment them best and I wanted at all costs to stay away from the hand drawn (which seems to be rife within the industry).

I'm really struggling with doing class, sleek, luxury with a handmade element to it. The images below are the first few ideas I have moved to the computer. I haven't sorted alot of elements, kerning and refining (esp when it comes to the fan and box!)etc. But I would really appreciate some thoughts on what the ideas convey to you/could convey to the public. Really, if you feel Im going in the right direction? Any thoughts or words of wisdom or inspiration would be great!


The box version is probably the most well rounded in my mind, the others need ALOT of work and if worth taking there I will seriously refine and add detail.

I think I like the third one best for development. How about a diamond shape with the kinda stitching outline - quality hand made?
For me, the middle one is a nicer idea to work with, but there's something about it that I don't think is quite hitting the mark yet.


Something like this says sophistication to me and has a touch of class about it, and I feel the middle one has the greatest potential for moving into this sort of style.

Not sure if that helps or not!
I'm not keen on the first or third idea, only because the typeface is a little too modern and contemporary for my liking. In my mind, anything that requires an exquisite or luxury look should use a serif typeface, a really classic looking one. Something like the link above uses. If she has really nice photography, I'd steer away from having a really fussy logo. Ultimately the photography will sell what she's offering, you don't want the logo getting in the way of that. So that being said if it was me, I'd stick to a very simple logo, some sort of classical serif typeface and a very simple mark. Assuming the photography is in colour, I'd even keep the logo in white, perhaps 1 other colour if on a white / light background.

Just my thoughts.
Simplify. And use a non-free typeface. The proportions of those fonts aren't good, and that doesn't give you the luxury feel you're after. I'd thicken everything up a bit too - those wouldn't work at small sizes. Forget colour for the minute. Get it right in black and white first and then you'll know it works on all applications.
The typography is a little weak like James says.

However, concept wise, I really like the first idea. However, reading on, that first idea doesn't say 'class' and 'sophistication' it says 'paper folding' and 'origami'. The second idea works for me too, but like everyone else has said, I'd be really tempted to use a lovely serif face and a classy looking mark and leave it at that.
Thanks for the comments guys, really appreciate your input. For some unknown reason I had a fine typography in my head from the start, not sure what my reasoning was for it other than I like it. So I'n in the day job atm and will have another fiddle tonight and see what comes up whilst using serif type face. I agree with a simple symbol and typography but for some reason they idea's are stuck in my mind somewhere. All thoughts are taken on board and I'll hopefully have something to post tonight, all going well.

I'd love to somehow incorporate a card shape...but its just not happening so far.

Try looking at premium stationery brands (Smythsons).
The suggestion of a nice serif font with a small discrete marque is right. Look at hallmarks for jewellery for examples of small, one colour symbols.
I'd avoid doing the literal 'folded card' option.